Most people associate Peru with Machu Picchu which is a majestic World Heritage Site well worth the physical effort to get to. But that single iconic vision is just a tip of what Peru offers. Landscape beauty, gracious and generous people, rain forests to high plateaus, epicurean delights and of course hundreds of varieties of potatoes.

Wishing - Willox School
Three Kids Playing - near Urubamba
Temple of the Sun - Pisca Ruins
Sheepherder - near Mara
Sharing the News - Pisca market mothers
Salt Mines of Mara
Quinoa Field - near Mara
Recess - Willox School
Once a home - Machu Piccho detail
Pueblo of Pisca - from ruins
Mountain Rain Storm - near Mara
Machu Picchu through a doorway
Machu Picchu and Pueblo
Cuzco Woman
Lunch! - Willox School
Looking Nice - Floating Islands - Lake Titicaca
Lone Tree - near Pisca ruins
Girl with Llama - near Urubamba
Elders and wives - Sunday Isle of Taquile
Desolate Beauty - Abra la Raya Pass
Curious Girls - Willox School
Confetti - mother day Pisca market
Class-time - Willox School
Cleaning up - Willox School after lunch.
Abra la Raya Train Stop
Boy leading Llama - above Ollantaytambo.
Adobe House near Saqsaywaman
Blind Grandmother - floating islands - Lake Titicaca
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