Myanmar 2014

Myanmar although still governed by a military junta has friendly curious people. Buddhist monks are everywhere as are gold laden pagodas and stupas. Color and more color with the Ayeyarwady river flowing the length of the country and providing the means of transporting materials of every kind up and down river to the Andaman Sea.

Balloons at Sunrise - Bagan
It’s mine! - Inle Lake market
River People
Vendor - Bien Bridge Mandalay
Super Monk - Myathein Tan Pagoda - Min Kun on the Irrawaddy
Tea - Inle Lake market
The Feet Talk - Kyakhatwine Monastery - Bago Mandalay
Super Monks - Myathein Tan Pagoda - Min Kun on the Irrawaddy
Respectful Wait - Mandalay Monastery
Prayers with Candles - Nynaugshwe Monastery
Ornate - Shwedagon Monastery Yangon
Race Day - Bull cart racing close to Man
Morning Wash - off Lake Inle
Morning over Bagan - Bagan
Morning Colors - Inle Lake
Long Life - Outside Mandalay
Major Spire - Shwedagon Monastery Yangon
Hot Air Balloons
Girl with Flower - Mandalay
Fitting In - Kyakhatwire Monestaryu - Bago Mandalay
Fisherman - Inle Lake
Father and Son - Inle Lake market
Evening Walk - Nynaugshwe Monastery
Dusty Sunset - Bagan
Door Side Market - Inle lake
Dedication - Bagan Temple
Bien Bridge - Outside Mandalay
Bagen Temples Stupas
A Peak -  Mandalay Monastery
Bagan Temples and Stupas - Bagan Temples and Stupas from a balloon
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