About the Artist

I was born in Clovis, New Mexico and grew up in the Southwestern United States.The wide-open spaces, large sky’s, cultural diversity and Southwest culture all played a part in developing my view of life. My father was a career Air Force officer until accepting a private-sector job that took him to Omaha, Nebraska where I finished high school. Then began my studies at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Soon after entering college my parents returned to the Southwest and New Mexico.


I received an undergraduate degree in art education and a Master’s degree in art from the University. As a graduate assistant at the Sheldon Art Museum I was offered and accepted a one year position as acting assistant director. I was under the tutelage of Norman Geske the first director of the Sheldon. His strong personality and opinions had a positive influence on my appreciation of art.

“All people are generally similar in nature. We are all confronted with issues and faced with how to solve them. Our individual differences come in how we approach those solutions.”

After graduation from college I took a variety of jobs ranging from minimum wage industrial labor to teaching art privately and at the then just emerging community college. I accepted a consulting position in Iowa and then another back in Lincoln.


I developed a small medically related publishing company that expanded into reference materials and patient education booklets. Eventually I became involved with the management and development of apartment complexes. Today I sit as the CEO of Perry Reid Properties which owns, develops and manages apartment complexes in ten going on eleven states.


While traveling across Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas during the initial years of my apartment development phase I took thousands of photographs and developed a new appreciation for the changing landscape we live in.


In the early 2000’s I began to travel more internationally with the intent to photograph landscapes. Early on I was in Guatemala and had the opportunity to photograph the very poor for and with a not for profit named Constru Casa. The organization was building houses for the poor. Photographing people in their dwellings, hearing sad and happy stories and being encouraged to take photographs of the story teller and their families was a great opportunity.

A few years later I took my first trip to Cuba where I made new friends. They spoke candidly of Cuba and the United States. It seemed everyone wanted their photo taken. To listen to they individual stories and capture a photograph of these people was a new magic.


I expanded this opportunity in Myanmar, Peru and locations in Mexico. I have been back to Cuba many times. Staying with poor families, having coffee in the front rooms of strangers who just wanted to be considerate of a foreign traveler. Occasionally smoking a fresh cigar in a tobacco barn. The people are the key. I intend to continue these travels.


The majority of my photographs that are displayed were my gifts given in exchange for a charitable donation.  My work is owned and displayed by both corporations and individuals and can be found coast to coast. I have entered only one competition, the annual best New Mexico photograph competition sponsored through New Mexico Magazine. I took home the first-place award for color photographs - after that I never entered another contest.