Cuba is a fascinating country with the 1950’s and before era of architecture; old American cars; the gentle people and a wide variety of landscapes. It’s fascinating and adventurous. You can make it fun and exciting, studious or hidden in mystery. It’s a country like none other.

What Once Was - Havana
Vinales Cowboy - Vinales, Cuba
Throw-back - RCA Building Havana
The Bearded One - Havana
Tango - Sunday Afternoon on the Prada - Havana
Sunglass Reflection - Cienfuegos, Cuba
Street Baseball - Havana
Repetition - Havana
Proud in Poverty - Trinidad, Cuba
Pride and Joy - Vinales
Out of the Park - Havana
Noels Concentration in Color-Rafael Trejo Boxing-Havana
Original Ballerina - Havana National Ballet
Noel Sparing - Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym Havana
Mogotes - Vinales
Malecon breakwater - Havana
Horizontal Girl - Havana
Headache - entertainment troupe Havana
Harvesting the tobacco leaf - Vinales
Glistening - Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym Havana
Girl in Blue with Red - Havana
Girl at Dusk - El Morro Castle - Havana
Gathering late afternoon - Malecon, Havana
Flying - National Ballet Havana
Enjoying the Moment - Havana
Fisherman at Dusk - Malecon - Havana
El Morro Castle - Havana
Delicate Touch - National Ballet Havana
Bakers by the Bunch - Havana
Banrarra Afro - Cuban dance troupe - Havana
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