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Other Art

I have been making art my entire life. Here are some examples.

Water Lilly watercolor
Vanishing Race Acrylic on Canvas_
Three apples oil on canvas
Taos Puelbo acrylic on canvas_
Taos Puelbo 2 acrylic on canvas
Sun metal sculpture_
Strips 2 Oil on canvas
Strips 3 Oil on canvas
Strips 1 Oil on canvas
Streamers oil on canvas
Santa Fe watercolor
Spider watercolor
Smoker 261 Watercolor
Primary watercolor
Pioneers park squares oil on canvas
Orignal stips mixed media
New Mexico Mountains oils squares
Pear Triptic Oil on canvas
New Mexico Ice watercolor
Holly wreath watercolor
McCook NE Hills oil on canvas
Earth and sky oil on canvas
Lower Platte Oil on Canvas
Carmel CA door watercolor
Cumbres & Tolte New Mexico
Callow oil on paper
Burlington Northern 1 - E Unit watercolo
Aspens 1 Watercolor
Aspen Forest oil on canvas
Abstract 1 oil on canvas
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