Guatemala is a poor country in Central America. It grows some of the worlds best coffee and has outstanding mountain and volcano vistas. To fly into the country you have to go through Guatemala City known as the most dangerous city in the Americas. History, beauty and the friendliness of the people will call you back time after time.

The March beings - Antigua Holy Week
The Band - Holy Week Antigua
Tall Steps - San Pedro La Laguna - west side Atitlan
Street Carpet or “alfombra” - Holy Week Antigua
Sea Sculpture 2 - Pacific Coast
Sea Sculpture - Pacific Coast
Ruined by Volcan Agua - Antigua
Reflections Common Laundry - Antigua early morning
Rays - Lake Atitlan from the east
Proud - Tactic
Processional Bearers - Antigua Holy Week
On the Corner Gang - Rural Pueblo
Old Man Peach Wall - streets Antigua
Hiding - Chichicastenango market - north of Atitlan
My soccer ball - rural Guatemala with Constru Casa
Morning Laundry - Antigua
Matriarch - Rural Pueblo
Lake Atitlan - from east shore
Fuego Puffing - from San Pedro Las Huert
Heavy Work - Antigua streets
Fuego Puffing - from San Pedro Las Huertas - Antigua
Friends in Blue - Antigua
Equal Loads - Antigua Holy Week
Cough - Antigua Holy Week
Family Travel - Highway to Atitlan from Antigua
Family Life - Rural Pueblo
Contradiction - Quetzaltenango - west of Atitlan
By The Pound - San Miguel Dueñas Market
Buddies - Tactic near Coban
Carry On - Holy Week Antigua
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The March beings - Antigua Holy Week